About Me

Len Penzo has always had a strong disdain for debt. As a result, he has been practicing sound personal finance management ever since graduating from high school. In fact, using money he saved working as a teenager and throughout college, Len was able to fully pay for his own education, room, and board, without the benefit of any loans.

Len, who has a degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA, has been writing about personal finance since 2008 on his eponymous personal finance blog, Len Penzo dot Com. His widely-acclaimed blog has been twice-honored as a Kiplinger Best Money Blog; it has also been honored with two Plutus Awards for Best Personal Finance Blog. Len’s personal finance articles have been featured in the New York Times, MSN, Business Insider, Money, Time, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, CBS MoneyWatch and Clark Howard, just to name a few.

Len’s articles have also been the topic of discussion on radio shows, including those hosted by Tim Conway Jr. on Los Angeles’s KFI 640, and Dave Ramsey. He has also been featured on television for CBS News in Los Angeles.

For the last seven years, Len has also been a regular guest of Joe Saul-Sehy’s roundtable panel for his weekly Stacking Benjamin’s podcast.

Len’s focus is on the importance of personal responsibility — not only for our personal finances, but also for everything else we do in life. His blog’s main theme is that financial freedom can be attained by anyone -- regardless of income level.